Among my resolutions would be to travel a lot more and even take a few more unplanned trips whenever I get the chance! I'm so fortunate to have managed to take all these journeys this past year and I’m truly thrilled to see what’s waiting for me within the following twelve months!

There are lots of spots on earth which are worth traveling to that it had become difficult to narrow it down. I decided to list my top 5 travel destinations up to now! I decided to go with these five because the experience of my trip to each left such an impression which I dream about returning over and over again. These destinations took control of all my senses and evoked emotions which, well, simply got me addicted.

South Africa

South Africa is among the perfect spots to discover wildlife and get near to lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards as well as buffalos. Ever Since I was a kid I was always dreaming about doing a safari in Africa. I imagined myself sitting down over an open vehicle having a straw hat and dressed in something beige while viewing lions. And truthfully, I do not know why I waited such a long time for it. Some time ago I decided to end just having dreams about it and realized myself a lifetime dream.

I traveled to Johannesburg and organized a one-month visit to Limpopo area with a trip to the world-famous Kruger National Park. I spent my evenings in game lodges around the African bush and my days upon safari tours, seeking the big 5 and discover the natural treasures of South Africa.


My journey into Namibia was latest so perhaps it feels a lot more remarkable than it actually was. Then again, I definitely loved the nation. Warm, pleasant individuals, and such a wide selection of things you can do and view. Etosha National Park is incredible for wildlife, and you then can’t truly defeat the scenery of Sossusvlei and surrounding areas. The best thing? Namibia is absolutely inexpensive. For the time being, it’s one among my favorite country on earth to visit.


For yoga lover just like me, it is among the best spots to go to. In case you’re searching for a retreat that enables you to ride some waves, visit Morocco. Surf Maroc provides extended retreats all through the entire year, everyone showcasing the stylish blend of yoga and surfing. An average day consists of morning and evening yoga classes, mid-day beach time, and healthy foods. For added excitement, visitors could enjoy hammams (classic Moroccan steam baths), massage therapy, excursions to the encompassing villages, and horse and camel ride on.

New York

My love for this urban center is bordering on obsessional, and I devote a big part of every single week fantasizing about getting back there. The skyscrapers, the vitality, the folks, the food - there’s simply something about New York that has me completely addicted. I have several travels this year to many other areas in the world, however, that’s not preventing me having dreams about traveling to my favorite city for New Year’s Eve - anybody got an extra grand to toss my way???


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and make up a bold statement; every single inch of Greece is gorgeous - rather than just your normal ordinary gorgeous, I’m speaking jaw-droppingly, wow-inducing, mind-blowingly gorgeous. With breathtaking beaches and stunning landscapes, the relics of 4 millennia of historical culture and a few of Europe’s finest party hotspots, people who journey to Greece will definitely experience a once-in-a-lifetime journey.